Kohlrabi & Fennel

Kohlrabi seems to be one of those feared and misunderstood vegetables, though is completely undeserving of such sentiment.  In the cabbage & broccoli family, Kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked and tastes a lot like the heart of cabbage.  Try it roasted, or braised with leeks and fennel, or just chop and toss it raw into a salad for a little crunch and added vitamin C.

Here’s a simple recipe for a fennel & kohlrabi salad that looks delicious.   And here’s something a little different, and somewhat complicated:  A recipe for squash and kohlrabi empanadas. I’ve been told that Kohlrabi also makes a terrific curry.

Fennel also can be enjoyed raw or cooked.  A little bit celery, a little bit licorice, aromatic and a little bit sweet,  it’s a delicious addition to salads.  Roasted, it’s wonderful and the licorice flavor mellows.  Here’s a recipe for soup with fennel, leeks & potatoes. Fennel is a good source of Calcium, Folate, Potassium, and Iron.   Fennel is commonly added to fish & chicken dishes.  A recipe from Columella, a Spaniard who served in the Roman army in Syria in AD 60: “Mix fennel with toasted sesame, anise, and cumin then mix that with pureed dried fig and wrap in fig leaves and then store in jars to preserve.” (From Spencers The Vegetable Book via Mariquita Farm.)

However you prepare them, we hope you enjoy both the Kohlrabi and the Fennel.  The add interest and nutrition to any dish.


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