Lettuce Soups & Freezing Greens

Hey ya’ll!

Here are two great articles on freezing greens. Do any of you have experience freezing greens?

How to Preserve Your Garden Harvest

How to Freeze Greens

Some lettuce soup recipes. I’m trying one of these tomorrow with sweet potatoes!

Lettuce and Potato Soup and Creamy Lettuce Soup

Delicious Creamy Lettuce Soup

(Photo from Lettuce Eat Locally Blog.)

Creamy Arugula and Lettuce Soup with Goat Cheese


***Update!*** I made the Creamy Lettuce Soup today and it’s yummy!! I will admit that I’m surprised that it tastes good. It tastes like a zesty potato soup. I modified mine by adding coconut milk instead of cream or milk and I also added: ginger, lemon, basil, and curry. This soup was excellent at using up last week’s salad greens.

One response to “Lettuce Soups & Freezing Greens

  1. I have never frozen greens and usually end up juicing them if I think I’m going to have a hard time using them. I will try this though.

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