Heatwave farm tour

Hello everyone and welcome to a prelude to summer,

Let us cool off from this mini heatwave we have been experiencing with a tour through the farm.

The peppers are growing lush with leaves and young fruit, hugged by rows of sungold cherry tomatoes.

The fennel grows feathery next to the hearty arugula in one of our mixed Spring vegetable fields.

The broccoli is budding in spite of the overly warm wave of weather.  Eat your heart out summer because these Spring treats will persevere.

And the basil grows in purple and green harmony.  It is time to get those food processors primed for pesto-making.

One of our partner farms in slow food harmony, Evie’s Country Garden in Waco, GA, is providing eggs this week. Mike and Evelyn Aiken raise Rhode Island Red
hens at their family farm near Carrollton.  These birds are managed in a style called day ranging, where, during the day, they eat a base grain feed, but search for all kinds of delicious insects, insect eggs, garden culls, grass, and seeds.  Then at night they find their way back to their coop for safety.  This gives a deeper level of flavor and nutrition to the eggs.

You might try these eggs in a Chard Quiche with a side of Arugula Pesto.

[Photo:  FarmNerd]

Wondering what to do with the fresh smelling kohl rabi? Kohl rabi tastes great roasted.

[Photo: Urban Country Girl]

Happy farm touring and good eating to you all!


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