Our Farm Team – part 2

The potatoes this week are beautiful. The farm team dug them up and packed them in paper bags for pickup. Here we have Lois packing sweet creamy Yukon Gold potatoes from the crates into bags.

This week let’s meet Lois. Lois has been a vital part of Gaia Gardens for years now and her knowledge of the microclimate is invaluable. Her love for the farm, “Gaia is one of my favorite places to be”, and her dedicated understanding of the land combine to make Lois a volunteer extraordinaire.

Look at all the good food in this week’s share.

There are farm fresh eggs from Evie’s Country Gardens.  For meat share people it also includes the first share of grassfed ground beef from The Oak Grove Farm  where Josh Davis raises beef cows on pasture as well as growing delicious vegetables.

Can you smell the fennel? Try roasting the fennel.  Your entire home will smell great while it is cooking.

[Photo: Elise Bauer]

The Yukon Gold potatoes would make a great potato salad with some goat cheese added.

[Photo: Lucy Schaeffer]

Our farm team profiles continue next week.

Happy Eating!


One response to “Our Farm Team – part 2

  1. Using the potatoes, basil, eggs, onions, and goat cheese, we created an Egg Frittata recipe that is delicious and found a refreshing recipe for fennel salad. You can see our entire May 22nd harvest from SmallFarms on my blog.

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