Farm Team Part 3: Erin

This section of the blog is  part of our continued exploration of the farm crew.  We now meet Erin Cescutti- Restrepo.  She is a hard working part time worker at Gaia Gardens when she’s not working her full time job as a mortgage loan officer’s assistant or tending to her own garden. Erin worked last year as an intern at Love is Love Farm, learning from Farmer Joe in her continued pursuit of plant knowledge, and continued that relationship into this year.  She studied horticulture at University of Georgia. Her interest had always been ornamental plants but  her love of food led her to working with edible crops.  A real asset to the farm, Erin, with her working knowledge of plants, is driven and hard working.  She’s humble too. “I enjoy having the opportunity of working with all the other farm employees to help provide healthy food to our customers and csa members.”  We are certainly thankful for this essential part of the veggie-producin’ team at Gaia Gardens


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