Stuffed Sweet Peppers

I’ve been thinking about the abundance of sweet peppers chilling in my fridge waiting to be devoured. Mostly I use these little gems chopped up in sauces and stir-frys, but occasionally I stuff them. Which I think is the best way to eat them! My standby recipe for stuffing peppers is ground sausage, basil, and sauteed onions and garlic — which is delicious! —  but I wanted to get some fresh ideas so I googled away and found these great recipes. I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Feta and Spinach Stuffed Peppers from

photo credit: credit:

I love what “cbsop” stands for, Cooking By The Seat Of Your Pants. That make me smile.

Spicy Stuffed Sweet Peppers from Chocolate and Carrots.

This blog is full of beautiful photography and recipes!

Grilled Stuff Sweet Peppers from Farmhouse

Again another blog filled with beautiful photos and awesome recipes!

Do ya’ll have some creative way to stuff peppers?


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