Thanksgiving Turkeys from Oak Grove Farm

Hey guys,

Joe sent out a message this week from farmer Josh Davis. Josh is selling his turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving/holidays. What a great opportunity to support another local farmer and get a delicious turkey!

Here is Josh’s message:


My name is Josh Davis and I am the owner and operator of Oak Grove Farm in Franklin, GA ( Some of you may have had a chance to try our all natural, grassfed beef as part of the meat CSA offered by the wonderful Joe Reynolds of Gaia Gardens.

We have also started, this year, to raise heritage breed turkeys. Our turkeys are free range and have a widely varied diet that leads to happy, healthy delicious turkeys. We have three different heritage breeds, White Holland, Royal Palm and Pencil Buffs. I will have around 10 turkeys available the week before Thanksgiving. The turkeys will vary in weight from 8 – 20 lbs and as you place a deposit you can specify whether you would prefer a larger or smaller bird so the sooner you place your order the more likely you will get the approximate sized bird you want. The turkeys will sell for $7.50 a pound and the reservation deposit will be $50. For more information on heritage turkeys I have included some links with further reading.

If you would like to reserve a turkey you can contact me at and I will let you know how to proceed.

Also please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.



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