We received a bunch of garlic in our shares this season and I’ve been curious about recipes that feature garlic as the main ingredient. I’ve done some research and this is what I’ve found.

Garlic is related to the lily family which includes onions, shallots, chives, and leaks. The word garlic comes from the Old English garleac, meaning “spear leek.” Garlic is native to Central Asia and dates back to over 6,000 years ago, and has long been a staple in the Mediterranean region, and a prized seasoning in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

In years past garlic was even used as currency and valued by many cultures for its medicinal properties. Garlic contains vitamins, C, A, and B, which stimulates the immune system to eliminate toxins and combat carcinogens. Garlic is also known to kill 60 types of fungi and yeast. I eat a bulb of garlic every time I feel myself coming down with something and I really believe it helps to ward off illness.

Garlic is healing and tasty, and the following are some recipes inspired by garlic.

Garlic Sauce Recipe   

Cabbage and Garlic Soup

Garlic Potato Pie

Pickled Recipes: How to Pickle Garlic    

Roasted Butternut Squash and Garlic Soup

Roasted Garlic Bulbs   

Roasted Garlic Soup with Parmesan Cheese    

Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic

Richard Olney’s Garlic Soup Recipe

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Don’s Stinky Great Garlic Balsamic Vinegar Salad Dressing     



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