Sunday Supper: Sweet Potato Greens Pizza

Pizza night is a big deal in our household.  We are always trying to get crazy with new ideas and ingredients in hopes that THIS pizza will be the best yet.  I’ve been wondering what to do with the sweet potato greens we picked up from our CSA share last week and this seemed like the perfect time to give them a go.

Here’s what I did:

I figured the simpler the better.  I tossed the tender greens with a little olive oil and garlic and sautéed them briefly until they wilted up.  Mix in a little salt and pepper and et voila, they’re good to go.

For the pizza crust, I use this wonderful recipe.  It’s the best!  I often make a big old batch of the dough and freeze individual portions so we can always have emergency pizza.  Did I mention we LOVE pizza?

For the base, I combined 1 cup ricotta cheese, 2 Tbs chopped garlic, 1/4 c chopped basil, juice from 1/2 a lemon and salt & pepper to taste.  Spread a healthy amount on your rolled out pizza crust, then top with the sweet potato greens.  Sprinkle on some shredded parmesan or asiago cheese and bake on a stone/pizza plate for about 10 min.

This pizza was such a hit!  I especially loved the subtle sweetness of the sweet potato greens.  And they weren’t bitter at all, which was a delightful surprise.  Two thumbs up!

I used the rest of greens in another recipe that I’ll share later this week.  Happy Monday!


2 responses to “Sunday Supper: Sweet Potato Greens Pizza

  1. I made beans ‘n greens with my sweet potato greens in hommage to “The Heaping Bowl” of East Atl fame. The texture and taste worked great with pintos and hot peppers.

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