CSA Week no. 6 with SHIITAKES!‏

Hello everyone,
I hope all is well this morning.  I want to thank everyone for their incredible support and participation in celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Gaia Gardens.  We had a very special evening filled with good music and good food.  Additional thank you’s to Paul Marquardt for the killer logo and invite, Paul and Carter Chen for stringing beautiful lights, Kathleen Collier and Martin Dowdey for coordinating volunteers and schleping, Lesley Ediger for helping breakdown, Tovah Melaver for running the recycling and trash, Susanna Stolzfus for navigating parking and greeting guests, Anne Olson for her incredible thoughtfulness and editorial wizardry with the Dancing Fox newsletter’s focus on the garden, Bert Skellie and John Fortuine for reaching out to the community and our local representatives, Wendy Thomas for cutting and arranging sunflowers for the tables, Karen Skellie, Elizabeth Johnston, Luz Borrero, and Jeremy Mauldin for taking lots of photos, Catherine Shiel for artistically crafting an incredible “thank you” for David George, David George for helping in all preparations and being incredibly awesome, Jim Combs for playing music and offering his sound equipment and expertise for the music and program, my team, Erin, Lois, and Rachel for all their hardwork, all the lemonade kids for their enthusiasm and great customer service, Farm Burger for cooking up a ton of incredible burgers inspired by the farm’s harvest, and everyone that attended the party.  If I missed anyone, many thanks to you!

This week we are seeing the emergence of our first Fall crops and we have harvested a bumper crop of shiitakes, which are appreciating this cool night.

For meat share holders, our pork sausage distribution for this week has been postponed until the porkchop delivery as it was last session.  Evie’s Country Garden apologizes for the delay.

Our next meat share delivery will be whole, pastured chickens from White Oak Pastures.  Anyone can order extra chickens by emailing the number of birds desired by next Tuesday, September 25.  Whole chickens will be $15.00 each.  Each meat share will receive on whole bird with their share.

Don’t forget to check out the updated CSA blog run by our very own Brookie and Elizabeth at https://smallfarms.wordpress.com

This week:
1 pint goat cheese chevre for all full share members L-Z
1 pint cherry tomatoes and 1 lb. eggplant
1/2 lb. shiitake mushrooms!
1 bunch kale or collard greens
1 bag okra
1 bag sweet peppers
1 bag arugula all from Gaia Gardens/Love is Love Farm

Joe, Judith, Erin, Lois, Rachel, and Cameron


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