CSA Week No. 9 (including Meat)‏

Hello everyone,
I hope all is well today and you all are enjoying this Fall weather.  It is hard to believe how quickly this year is moving!

Our summer plants are starting to wind down, but this cool weather has been magic for our Fall crops.  I just wanted to remind you all that Community Farmers’ Markets is having their first Metro Area Tour de Farm whereby participants will cycle to several in-town farms and food businesses, including Gaia Gardens.  Even if you can’t make it this year, consider it for the Fall of 2013 as they plan to make this an annual event.  Event details are at:

We are getting Erin, our trusty employee, ready for Terra Madre in Turino, Italy.  She leaves next week and will be one of the Georgia delegates for the week long meeting and afterward her and her husband, Daniel, plan to travel for a week to visit family in the area.  Thanks to funds from the Bazaar Bizarro and our Walk Together, Rock Together Dinner with Staplehouse, Erin is leaving with enough funds to cover her flight and some money for travel.  Thank you all for your support of her and Slow Food Atlanta.  We are really proud of her!

Don’t forget to check out the CSA blog at https://smallfarms.wordpress.com with great recipe and photo posts!

Also, we have extra chickens for sale from White Oak Pastures for those that reserved extra chickens or those that still want to purchase them.  Whole, pastured birds are frozen and $15/bird.  Each meat share will receive one chicken.

This week:
1 dozen eggs from Evie’s Country Garden
1 head of napa cabbage
1 bunch rainbow chard
1 bunch white doll turnips
1 bag sweet peppers OR 1 bag  okra
2 heads lettuce
1/4# bag shiitake mushrooms

For meat share holders:  1 whole, pastured chicken from White Oak Pastures

Joe, Judith, Erin, Lois, Rachel, and Cameron


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