CSA Week No. 13 including meat‏

Hello everyone,
I hope all is well with you all today and everyone is excited to get this rain even if it is bringing a little cold with it.  Other reasons to be excited are, Erin just got back from Terra Madre this week and we can’t wait to hear about it and Matthew is coming to visit later this week.  The lovely Lois has a new grandson and Rachel played in the Rollerderby National Championship this weekend.  So much fun news from the Gaia/Love is Love crew!  Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Wild in the Streets Dinner this Sunday!

If you were worried about where you’ll get your great farm-fresh organic veggies, never fear.  We are announcing that we plan to add an additional 2 week CSA Winter extension after the end of the regular Summer/Fall Session, which ends Dec. 2.  The extension will include Sunday, Dec. 9, and Sunday, Dec. 16.  There will be no need to fill out an application.  Just let me know if you plan to participate.  We will still have tons of delicious Winter produce.  The total cost will be $50.  To ensure your participation, just email me back here at loveislovefarm@gmail.com

Just a reminder that on Sunday, November 11, we return with a Fall-inspired dinner on the farm.  The event is shaping up beautifully, the menu is incredible, and tickets are going quickly.  Diners will arrive at the farm at 4pm for passed snacks from guest chefs and a season-inspired treat from Leon’s Full Service/Kimball House mixologist, Miles Macquarrie.  At 4:30pm, Joe Reynolds will give a farm overview and tour.  At 5pm, our incredible chefs will each serve a crafted course that reflects the soil and season of the farm..  Guest chefs include Rian Tittle of Brick Store Pub, Terry Koval of The Wrecking Bar, and Eric Ottensmeyer of Leon’s Full Service as well as a delectable dessert course from the fantastic H & F Bread Co.  All parking for non-residents will be off-site with details to be provided during ticket purchase.  This event is also on grass and gravel and outside in the elements as the plants experience seasonality and time of day.  Please notify us if you need any special mobility needs.  Also, please do not bring dogs.  Vegetarian accommodations only available upon pre-request.  Please email Joe at joe@loveislovefarm.com.  Sorry, no vegan options will be available, our apologies.  Tickets are $70 for general attendees.  This fee does not include  Brown Paper Ticket processing fee.  Tickets can be purchased at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/288818
These dinners are incredibly fun and and a great way to experience the farm.  Don’t miss it!  Event is rain or shine.  100% of proceeds after cost will go to benefit Community Farmers’ Market.  Hope y’all can make it!

Not to overwhelm you with information, but we will have no CSA pick-up the week of Thanksgiving.  However, we will have a Thanksgiving pre-order sale at the farm on Tuesday, November 20, for those that want to procure Gaia food for their Thanksgiving meal.  Pick-up for pre-orders will be from 4:30-7pm.  Availability list will go out this weekend.

We will also have our End of the Year CSA Potluck and Celebration on Saturday, December 1.  It will be a potluck picnic a the farm from 12-3pm.  This year has seen the 15th Anniversary of Gaia Gardens as well as the 5th season for Love is Love Farm.  The picnic will be a potluck, seated outside at tables and will include a farm tour, farm highlights, and possibly a band.  We would really love everyone to attend!

Don’t forget to check out the CSA blog at https://smallfarms.wordpress.com for great recipe and photo posts!  This blog and our HGTV blog posts always appear on the Love is Love Farm FB page!  Become a fan!

Upcoming Events:

November 11 (Sunday) – “Wild in the Streets” Dinner, A benefit for Community Farmers’ Markets with Leon’s Full Service, Brick Store Pub, Wrecking Bar, Kimball House, and H and F Bread Co.

November 20 – (Tuesday) Thanksgiving Week Pre-Sale at Farm, 4:30-7pm pick-up

November 21 (Wednesday) No CSA Pick-up at Gaia Gardens for Thanksgiving Holiday

November 25 – (Sunday) No CSA Pick-up at Epiphany/UUCA for Thanksgiving Holiday

December 1 – (Saturday, 12-3pm) End of the Year CSA Potluck, Picnic, and Celebration

This week:
1 dozen eggs from Evie’s Country Garden
1 bunch pac choy
2 lbs. sweet potatoes
1 bunch carrots
1 bunch sweet turnips
1 bunch beets
4 jalapenos all from Gaia Gardens/Love is Love Farm

Meat:  2 packs pork chops from Evie’s Country Garden

Joe, Judith, Erin, Lois, Rachel, and Cameron


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