Veggie Egg Drop Soup

I was looking for something warm and a little spicy to take the chill off my bones the other night and turned to this recipe for Asian Cabbage Soup as a base since I had most of the ingredients available.
I subbed a hot mustard for the chili paste and added a little rice vinegar and white pepper.
I loved the daikon radish and cabbage which gave it a little crunch. I left some raw cabbage to sprinkle on top, too. The shiitakes added a hearty meatiness, but the soup wasn’t lacking meat. It was a delicious, hearty meal.
The added egg was the final inspired moment and gave it the silky, soulful body and finish I was looking for.
Have you ever made an egg drop soup? Here’s a great recipe that has simple instructions for getting the feathery, silky eggs just perfect.
I guess in the end it was a hybrid hot and sour/egg drop/veggie soup. I will definitely be making this again as it has a lot of room for variation and is oh so comforting. Happy Friday!


One response to “Veggie Egg Drop Soup

  1. Great looking soup! Bookmarked for the future!

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