CSA Week 6

Hello everyone,
I hope all is well this week. This week has been one for double-checking the check-list, i.e. tying tomatoes, getting the GH tidy, mowing, pulling garlic (probably the best looking crop we have ever had), and just general cleaning and weeding around the farm.

Due to hovering chance of rain, we may be in the greenhouse or tractor barn today. Keep your eye out.

We are also working on the forest’s invasive plant population around the farm on Saturday, June 8. Come out from 8:30-1:30 to help pull and chop privot, ivy, and wisteria.

Last Brigade Supper for Wholesome Wave Georgia is sold out and we are keeping our fingers crossed for beautiful weather. We will have another farm dinner on September 29 to benefit Community Farmers Markets (our farmers market organization for EAV, Grant Park, and Decatur). The dinner will be called Southeast First and will be a play on southern US and southeast Asian cooking. We will post details soon. Also, Bazaar Bizarro, a wonderful farm festival at Gaia Gardens and East Lake Commons, will happen on October 13. Come check out one of these fun events for a beautiful day on an amazing farm.

Also, if you forgot your meat share last week, today is the last day to claim it. Frolona Farm provided us with delicious pork chops last week.

This week:
1 pint goat cheese chevre from Decimal Place Farm (All Members A-M)
1 lb. cucumbers from Woodland Gardens and 1 lb. sweet onions from Gaia Gardens
2 heads lettuce from Woodland Gardens
1 bunch rainbow chard
1 pint strawberries
1.25 lbs. summer squash all from Gaia Gardens

Joe, Judith, Rachel, Max, Will, and Conrad

Joe Reynolds & Judith Winfrey
Gaia Gardens/Love is Love Farm

900 Dancing Fox Road
Decatur, GA 30032

Visit us!

-East Atlanta Village Farmers Market: Every Thursday, 4pm to 8pm

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