CSA Week 12

Hello everyone,
I hope all is well. We have been loving this sunshine ( and I, myself, love some heat)!

We have been working with Community Guilds, an educational non-profit, over the last week to help give a few high school students an apprenticeship opportunity. The goal is to provide pragmatic, non-traditional classroom lessons as well as some trade skills to these young folks. They have been working with us on the farm weeding and harvesting as well as talking about running a business and interacting with community. As part of their culminating project, they have made a few delicious food items from farm food with the guidance of a local chef. Today at the CSA, they will have hot pepper jam and basil lemonade available for sale. Please stop by and say hello to these diligent and cool young folks.

We also welcome McKenzie, our Decatur Farm to School apprentice, for the next two weeks.

This week, we have sunflower shoots, grown in the Gaia greenhouse, and tomatoes!

This week:
1 pint goat cheese chevre from Decimal Place Farm (members N-Z)

1 lb. fingerling potatoes and 1 bag sweet onions (members A-M)


1 bag tomatoes
1 bag sweet basil
1 bag sunflower shoots
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 bag sweet peppers

Joe, Judith, Rachel, Max, Lois, Tania, Rock, Will, and Conrad

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