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Carrot Greens

(Photo credit: brianna.lehman)

I’ve posted recipes utilizing carrots greens in the past and I’ve found a few more. Most of the recipes are for pesto-type spreads and soups. If you guys have any recommendations for using carrots greens please let us know, we’d love to know them!

Carrot Top Tabouleh

Carrot Top and Rice Soup

Garlicky Carrot Greens Pesto

Carrot Green, Parsley & Hazelnut Pesto for Pasta

Carrot Top and Toasted Walnut Pesto

Carrot Top Soup

Carrot Top & Quinoa Soup

Warm Shredded Carrot Salad with Carrot Greens

Multiple Carrot Top recipes, plus lots of information about the greens, can be found here: Eat Carrot Green Leaves  ….I’m going to try the Carrot Top Tea!

Grilled Carrots with Carrot Greens Pesto

Carrot Top Scramble

And here’s a great article with suggestions for carrot greens: Carrot Top are Edible…. and Delicious. I love the first suggestion, “Carrot tops will cook beautifully; wilted with a little bit of bacon and jalapeño they are delicious. Or sauté them with garlic and onion, chop, then mix into fresh, salted ricotta cheese and you have a wonderful ravioli filling or, even easier, a topping for pasta.”


Stuffed Sweet Peppers

I’ve been thinking about the abundance of sweet peppers chilling in my fridge waiting to be devoured. Mostly I use these little gems chopped up in sauces and stir-frys, but occasionally I stuff them. Which I think is the best way to eat them! My standby recipe for stuffing peppers is ground sausage, basil, and sauteed onions and garlic — which is delicious! —  but I wanted to get some fresh ideas so I googled away and found these great recipes. I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Feta and Spinach Stuffed Peppers from cbsop.com

photo credit: cbsop.com(Photo credit: cbsop.com)

I love what “cbsop” stands for, Cooking By The Seat Of Your Pants. That make me smile.

Spicy Stuffed Sweet Peppers from Chocolate and Carrots.

This blog is full of beautiful photography and recipes!

Grilled Stuff Sweet Peppers from Farmhouse

Again another blog filled with beautiful photos and awesome recipes!

Do ya’ll have some creative way to stuff peppers?

First pick-up of Summer/Fall Session‏

Hey ya’ll!

Welcome to the start of the Summer/Fall CSA! Our first pick-up was a good one and we got our first bag of yummy crowder peas.

Joe sent out an email this week with some helpful tips on shelling crowder peas along with a simple recipe. In case you missed it here’s what he said:

To shell peas, simply pull the vein out that runs down the length of the pea pod and use your thumbs to open the pod.  I usually do this over a bowl so that the peas don’t roll everywhere.  …They are so delicious.  We just boil them in a little broth or seasoned water, along with diced onion or mild elephant garlic, for four or so minutes.

Joe also demonstrated to me how you can eat the crowder peas without cooking them, straight out of the shell! I had never thought to eat the peas uncooked and was surprised at how good they tasted. They almost taste like a peanut, and I have been including the uncooked crowder peas in my lunch time salads! Delicious!

And if you want more information on shelling peas, check out this post from last year:  Shelling Cowpeas

Before I go I’ll leave ya’ll with some crowder pea blog posts from other bloggers:

This blog post from A Veggie Venture has some great insight about shelling peas: Fresh Crowder Peas (Black-eyed Peas).

Lastly, here’s a recipe for traditional southern style crowder peas from Home Cooking Kitchen: Garden Fresh Crowder Peas.

Share your recipes for crowder peas in the comments section below, we’d love to see them!

And check back soon because I’ll be sharing a recipe from Joe for muscadine pie!