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I was psyched to see last week’s delivery included a pound of grits from our friends at Riverview Farms. Confession- I’ve actually never cooked grits before and was honestly a little intimidated. Southerners seem to have have some strong opinions about this corn dish and I didn’t want to disappoint. Always up for a challenge, (especially when there is a delicious ending involved) I consulted a few recipes and got to cooking! The result? Creamy, savory awesomeness in a bowl. For breakfast. For lunch. Even a little for dinner.

Grits with Brown Buttered Spring Onions and Thyme serves4

1 cup grits
2 cups while milk
2 cups water
1 tsp salt
2 spring onions
2 Tbs butter
Thyme TT

Over medium heat, melt butter until it begins to brown- about 5 minutes. Add onions and sauté on low heat until soft. Set aside.

Bring milk, water and salt to a boil. Add grits. Lower heat and simmer, whisking consistently for about 20 minutes. Add extra milk/water as necessary and continue to whisk until your grits are cooked (I like them with a little bite left) and creamy. Stir in brown buttered onions and thyme. Salt and pepper to taste. Top with scallions and serve.